Company Profile

Manly Media is a full service media production company with a commitment to contribute to the creation of electronic media that educates, informs and adds to the public dialogue on issues of importance.

Incorporated in 1996, Manly Media has produced over a dozen of its own documentary projects, which have been distributed, broadcast and screened nationally and internationally. In addition Manly Media has worked with a wide variety of partners and clients on projects ranging from commissioned documentaries, educational videos, industrial videos, educational campaigns, public service announcements and advertisements.


Paul Manly

With over twenty four years of creativity as a musician, filmmaker and sound-designer Paul Manly has dedicated his efforts to produce and support the production of work that educates, inspires and illuminates. Inspired at an early age by art, politics and issues of social justice Paul has grounded his practice in activism, choosing subjects that shine a light on the topics that engage him. Starting a music career at age 17, Paul played bass professionally for ten years. Inspired by the work his mother, Eva Manly, was producing, Paul decided to enroll in Broadcasting at Algonquin college.


Eva Manly

Eva Manly, a graduate of Ottawa U. (BFA ‘85), is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in video and video installation. She combines her interest in video as a portrait and story telling medium with a longstanding commitment to justice issues. Manly’s videos focus on social themes: the experience of refugees, Central America, unplanned pregnancy, “free trade”, and gender inclusive language.


Jim Manly

Jim Manly is a retired United Church Minister and a former New Democratic Party Member of Parliament. Jim has collaborated as a researcher and writer with Eva and Paul on several projects including ‘The Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw’, A People Called to Speak, Bringing Truth to Light, Gonna Have Union, Ur-analysis, and Sombrio.


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