Jim Manly

Jim Manly is a retired United Church Minister and a former New Democratic Party Member of Parliament. Jim has collaborated as a researcher and writer with Eva and Paul on several projects including The Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw, A People Called to Speak, Bringing Truth to Light, Gonna Have Union, Ur-analysis, and Sombrio.

As a Member of Parlaimant he took his first trip to Guatemala in 1985 to help present a human rights award to GAM, the Group for Mutual Support for Families of the Disappeared. His second trip was in 1988 as a member of the Canadian Delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Conference.

In 1995 Jim made his third trip to Guatemala this time to accompany his partner, Eva Manly. As a result of her work the previous year with Guatemalan refugees returning from Mexico, she was asked by the Division of World Outreach of the United Church of Canada to go to Guatemala to provide international accompaniment for one of Manuel Saquic’s colleagues, Pastor Lucio Martinez, who had received death threats. Eva Manly’s photos are included in the book. Eva also produced a video, A People Called to Speak. The book and video complement each other.

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