Five Acres is now available for free online

Five Acres is a documentary film that explores the history and significance of a small urban farm in a rapidly developing area of Nanaimo. The Five Acre Farm in Harewood has a long history of producing local food. It's one of the last intact farms in BC's first planned agricultural community. More recently, Nanaimo Foodshare has transformed it an inclusive learning space, where farming knowledge spreads like seeds. Community grows here, but can it continue to flourish?

Two months after this film was released, the City of Nanaimo purchased the Five Acre farm with the intention of keeping the wetland intact and continuing to use the productive parts of the land for agricultural production. An agreement was made to allow Nanaimo Foodshare to use “a portion of the property” to grow food for residents. The charitable organization currently uses the site for a number of its programs.

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