Voices of the River - Film Premiere & After Party

Film Premiere and Soundtrack live event

‘Voices of the River’, a 45 minute documentary film about the Nanaimo River watershed will premiere at Nanaimo Centre Stage, 25 Victoria Rd., Nanaimo, on Friday September 21st with two screenings, followed by live acoustic and electric performance with local musicians featured in the sound-track.

7 pm screening (doors at 6;30) followed by acoustic concert featuring Wind Weaver, Terry Mack, Paul Beezoyen and Brian Hazelbower. Tickets are $15TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT

9:30pm screening (doors at 9:15) followed by electric concert featuring Shane Philip, Tongue and Groove and Prince Pauper. Tickets are $20 This show goes until 1:30 - the official after party, we’re moving the theatre seats and dancing to the music. ONLINE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT - Tickets available at HOUSE OF INDIGO or FASCINATING RHYTHM ONLY

Proceeds from this event will go towards the educational component of the Nanaimo River Stewardship Initiative and The Land Conservancy (TLC).

Voices of the River After Party
After the 9:30 screening, at 10:30 we’ll be moving the chairs and making room for people to dance and enjoy the bands - Prince Pauper, Tongue and Groove and Shane Philip. Without chairs the capacity of the venue increases and we have 70 tickets available for the 10:30 After Party at $10 each. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR AT 10:30

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